Group insurance benefits represent an important financial obligation to the plan sponsor but plays an important role in retaining employees. Alongside government-sponsored programs it provides for the well-being of employees and their families. We appreciate that each plan sponsor has their extrinsic concerns and budgets. Recognizing this diversity, we will attempt to find the best and flexible solution. We are committed to ensuring that plan sponsors get the value for their benefit dollar as a broker, we represent many group insurance suppliers. This enables us to make truly unprejudiced recommendations to my clients that put their needs first.

Group Benefit Coverage

Group Benefits is a plan that offers a group of people (usually employees) a tax efficient compensation. Such as offering low-cost life insurance or a dental plan for the self-employed. A group can comprise (or “be composed of”) members of a company’s employees, or professionals in a group such as lawyers or doctors of a single office.

Group Benefit providers know that people belong to the group because of their field of work, occupation or an association. Thus the group is removed from the acquisition of insurance due to a higher than ordinary health, work, or environmental risk.

Personalized solutions for your company from 2 or more employees that have specific needs such as fixed budgets or require the retention of highly talented employees. We offer fixed plan designs or flexible plan designs of group benefits.

Putting our clients first, we seek to get the wellness plan for each sponsoring group while meeting their unique goals. We represent a wide selection of the top group benefits providers such as Manulife, Sunlife, Cooperators, Empire Life, RBC Insurance, Desjardins Insurance and many more. As a broker, we work for you. Group benefit plans are designed with the membership of the group in mind. We assess the needs of the employer and its employees to closely match them with a group benefit provider with the most suitable coverage and budget.

Group Health benefit solutions plans can include a combination of coverages, including:

Group Life Insurance offers bursal assistance in the event of the plan member’s death. A Group Dependent Life Insurance plan pays out a lump-sum benefit to a beneficiary in the event of the death of a plan member’s spouse or young children.

Group Short-Term Disability (STD) or Weekly Indemnity is a benefit that compensates an employee for income lost because of an expected short absence from work because of an accident or sickness.

Group Long-Term Disability (LTD) coverage provides an income to a disabled employee unable to perform the duties of his or her own occupation.

Group Extended Health Care Benefit supplements medical costs for plan members and dependents otherwise not included by provincial healthcare. The largest cost of this part of the plan is prescription drugs. Vision Care pays for routine eye exam and a percentage of eye glasses and lenses.

Group Dental Care covers varying dental services and/or supplies for plan members and their eligible family members.

Employee Assistance Plan is a professional counseling and referral service sponsored by the employer to provide service to employees and their family members.

Critical Illness Insurance provides a benefit paid to an employee after surviving an ailment from list of critical illnesses or injury to provide bursal assistance while adjusting to any change of lifestyle during recovery.

Group Pension Plan is a program maintained by an employer, an employee organization, or both to fund retirement income to employees or defer income for periods that extend to or beyond employment termination.

Health Care Spending Account (HCSA or HSA) is an account that reimburses qualified health care expenses or other benefits not covered by private plans or provincial health insurance. This offers a tax-effective way to offer health and dental benefit choices for self-service to plan members.

Administrative Services Only Program (ASO) enables employers as small as 5 employees to self-insure health insurance, dental care and short-term disability insurance benefits by supplying administrative functions for their health care claims processing with methods to contain costs.

Group Benefits Services

We will discuss and analyze key factors that may affect your benefit planning.

  • Benefits plan assessment, design, and monitoring.
  • Plan renewal
  • Brokering your plan.
  • Managed healthcare initiatives.
  • Client seminars, scheduled regularly throughout the year.
  • Information bulletins to keep you updated.
  • Accessible communication to answer your questions – contact us when questions arise.
  • At least once a year, we will check the competitiveness of the plan.
  • Processing benefits on termination, death, or retirement.
  • Schedule presentations by the leading quoting benefit providers—personal contact between you and the provider is critical to a good working relationship.
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